Info on Project Vandals:

Goal: To protect this Wiki from Vandals and warn people not to break the rules.

Status: New and Active

To join: Post a message on the Talk Page

Thank you, Ivy You break the Warrior code, I break your soul...

Leader: Ivy

Deputy: None

Sr. Warriors: none

Warriors: none

Queens: none

Apprentices: none



Here's some guidelines:

  • To become a Warrior, you have to have been an active member for one month.
  • To become a Sr. Warrior, you have to be an active member for two months.

When dealing with a Vandal:

  • Give one warning first, and use this Template: Template:Troublemaker: Vandal image request.
  • On the second warning, be sure to be clear of what they are doing wrong, and be sure you tell them the consequences if they continue.
  • On the third and final warning: Tell them that you have reported them to an admin, and add them to Category: Vandals. Then report them to an admin and they will ban them.

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