Rule 1: This is Not...Edit

This Wiki is not....

  • A Place for people just to 'hang out' and chat forever and forever. As a rule of thumb, if you have more blog posts than you do edits, you are chatting too much!
  • A place for threats! This is a big one. No threats, no bad language, no being rude in any way!

more coming soon

Rule 2: FanartsEdit

These are the rules for Fanarts.

  • The blanks on WFW are for WFW use only! If another User is using our Fanarts on another Website, please remind them that the blanks are for our website, not for theirs.
  • Any Fanarts on Fanfics or Fanpages must be approved by Project: Fanart, or, in the case of fanifcs, by the author.

Rule 3: SignaturesEdit

  • Do not make your signature bigger than the text, or it throws off the text flow.
  • If you have more than 12 or 13 words in your signature, it is too long.
  • no swearing or cussing in your signature
  • if it doesn't put you over the ord limit, you can a few links to your Fanfics
  • your signature must have at least one link to your userpage and one link to your talk page.

Rule 4: FanpagesEdit

  • Fanpages are pages where you can comment on real books and charecters.
  • NO fanfic on Fanpages
  • On Fanpages, there can only be Fanarts for ranks that character has been or is. For example; Leafpool was never leader, so she wouldn't have a leader charart. In there gallery there will be earlier ranks (Kit, apprentice, warrior, medicine cat apprentice etc.).
  • They all must have a Fanchart to describe them and their lives.
  • A spoiler warning must be on the top of every Fanpage.

Rule 5: FanficsEdit

  • No bad words/ swearing
  • No inaproparte behavior such as Cats mating, cats swearing, homosexiual cats, etc.
  • Fanfics will be commented on by the warriors, sr.warriors, deputy, and leader of Project: Fanfic, please don't be insulted by what they say, and Project members please don't insult them...
  • You can write short stories and what if?'s.
  • All fanfics will be read by Project members of Project: Fanfic, and will be improved the best they can.
  • No copyrighting. If you are using a bit from someone else's fanfic, please get permission from them and make sure you are giving them credit for the idea. (If there is a fight or arguement, we will go with who had it first and the second fanfic will be deleted if the author doesn't change it. If there is further arguement, both fanfics will be deleted.)


If you don't follow these rules, you will be visited by one of the members of Project: Vandals.

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