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Please read before doing anything! This is a page that has a list of improvements the Wiki needs (or course:P). If you fit any of the requirments needed to fix any of the problems below, please leave them, please put your username in the table below. When this Wiki is ready for new Users, we can work on them. May StarClan light your path and guide your paws, Ivy You break the Warrior code, I break your soul...

This is a list of problemsEdit

  • Coding on the templates. Some are a little messed up, so we need an experieced coder to help with that.
  • Project: Fanart We need more members to help with the blanks. We need really good artists.
  • Project: Vandals We need an experieced Rollbacker to lead Project: Vandals
  • We need users to make Fanarts for all the completed Fanpages
  • We need expericened Admins on this Wiki to help welcome new Users


Sign your name below with the number problem you arre fixing.

Username(s) Problem # Date Started/ finished
Ivy Making Fanpages July 1/N/A
Leopardclaw Project Fanart Blanks July 3 / N/A

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