• Ivystorm will not be leading all the projects forever. Once she has found users fit to take her place, she will let them be leader.

Ivy's Intro

"Hi. I'm Ivy (or Ivystorm). I'm here to tell you more about FanClan. We are all fans of Warriors (by Erin Hunter), and are here to enjoy them. You can use Fanpages, write Fanfics, or write a Blog post! First of all, please read the Rules."


"Fanpages are pages about REAL characters in the Warriors books. You can vote on them or you can leave a comment on what you think of that character. If you are a member of Project: Fanart, you can put a Fanart up for approval that will be put on the Fanpage."


"Fanfics have certain rules, found in the rules. They are original stories to the User who wrote them, but they are all in the credit of Erin Hunter."

Blog Posts

"Blog posts can be for casual chatter, but as stated in the rules, if you have more blog posts than edits you are chatting to much! Of course, no swearing or threats."

"To learn more about this wiki, ask for a mentor at Project: Adopt a User's talk page. Now you have a hang of things, please join a project or go to the List of Problems page and help improve this wiki. Welcome to FanClan, warrior/apprentice!" - Ivy You break the Warrior code, I break your soul... 16:40, June 17, 2011 (UTC)

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